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Websites For Musicians And Bands

Most musicians, bands, singers and songwriters today know they need a website but many of them think that the social media sites are enough. Even if most of your visits are to your social media sites, you still have very little control over your own content, layout, design and so much more. Your own site really is a must. Social media is great for interacting with fans but potential clients want more. Most of them will ask if you have a website and if they don't ask and you tell them you have one they will usually be happy to hear that.

Then there is the cost factor. Musicians are not the highest paid professionals in the country. Unfortunately it's just the opposite but that's another topic. None the less even a simple landing page is better than nothing. You've already heard that the business side of your music is where you'll spend most of your time, well your website is a huge part of that.

Album & Song Art

OK, so you've recorded a song, ep, or an album and now all you need is the artwork to compliment your release. We're here to help.

NuWest Media

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