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Custom Portraits and Headshots. Special portraits for special people. You.....

What is a custom portrait or head shot? Well, that is what set's D'Young Digital Photography & Editing apart from the others. With most photographers you basically have two choices. Go to their studio or go driving around to different locations looking for a background to shoot in front of. Either one has a set of limitations. The studio is limited to the backdrops and props they have and if you're driving around, well you can't go from Texas to Georgia and back in an hour or two.


At D"Young Digital Photography & Editing the shooting is all done at one location. That's the easy part. The background can be one of many we have already or we can create a custom made scene just for you. We use the same types of 3D creation software that is used in Hollywood movies and either shoot your pictures based on your scene or build the scene based on the photo.


What this means in a nut shell is that we have an endless supply of props and backgrounds. They are digital, but so is the photo. Most importantly, each photo is edited by hand not a machine.

Here's a quick video to give you an idea of how the background scene and portrait might be created.

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